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Introducing Talent Clubs
Published 6/21/2012 in Talent Clubs
Hong Kong Skyline
Talent Clubs has official launched, and with it, we are unveiling a our official website where members can stay informed about latest development at Talent Clubs wherever they are. Each club will also have its own portal featuring news and special events that will be held throughout the year. Stay tuned for more! read more ❯
Welcome to the club!
Published 6/21/2012 in TC@FOSU
Talent Clubs is proud to announce the establishment of our new talent club here at Foshan University. The goal of TC@FOSU is to increase mutual cultural understanding among our club members and increase their future prospects by giving them opportunities to improve their English or Chinese through our language lessons, make new like minded friends thanks to our events and activities, study...read more ❯
Travel Internship Vacancy
Published 6/22/2012 in Talent Clubs
Talent Clubs is currently looking for a local guide from Guangxi province for our upcoming trip to Guilin. Club members from CC and tc@fosu who are majoring in tourism or hospitality related majors will be considered in priority. One important requirement is for candidates to have a conversational level of English to communicate with international travelers. Successful applicants will...read more ❯
Meet Phoenix Lee, tc@fosu's new club president
Published 6/26/2012 in TC@FOSU
Image representing staff profiles
Phoenix Lee has been chosen as TC@FOSU's new club president, the highest and most esteemed position at a talent club. As club president, her duties will range from recruiting leadership staff members to making long term strategic decisions that will define the legacy of the club for years to come. Previously, Phoenix was a CC member and undergraduate student at Guangdong Ocean University...read more ❯
Upcoming Summer Trip Invitation
Published 7/14/2012 in Talent Clubs
Talent Clubs is organizing a trip to Guilin this summer for CC and tc@fosu club members. Join us on a 10-day trip across Guangxi province starting in the first week of August which will take us to Guilin proper where we will spend our first day hanging around the urban landscape. Next, we will make our way to Longsheng for two or three more days to visit the rice terraces of Longji. This...read more ❯
Visit our new club space at tc@fosu
Published 7/26/2012 in TC@FOSU
Foshan University
After visiting no less than a dozen potential facilities for our club, we've finally settled on this spacious three-bedroom apartment behind Foshan University's athletic field. Located along WuFeng 4th street, a mere 5 minutes away from FOSU's north gate, the new club space features a roomy balcony with a view on FOSU's green athletic field where we are already planning to hold some of our...read more ❯
Vacation notice
Published 7/27/2012 in Talent Clubs
Today marks the first day of our summer vacation! After spending the past few days preparing the final details of our summer trip, we are about to embark on the first leg of our journey that will see us spending the next two weeks in Hong Kong, Foshan, and Guilin. Let's catch up when we get back! read more ❯
2012 China Summer Trip Highlights
Published 8/19/2012 in Talent Clubs
All good things must eventually come to an end, and sadly, this year's summer trip is no exception. That said, I think we'll all agree that our trip through southern China was a real blast! Here is a quick visual summary! Hong Kong - July 28th to August 3rd Foshan - August 3-8th Sadly, I neglected to take photos of Foshan during the trip, so...read more ❯
CC joins Talent Clubs
Published 8/21/2012 in TC@GDOU
CC club members in Spring 2011
After years of operation as a standalone club, CC is now joining forces with Talent Clubs to ensure continued growth and support under TC's leadership. The past 3 years had seen founding members parting ways with the club as they moved up in the world and entered a new stage of their life. Over the years, CC has been providing unique courses for its members and valuable experience for...read more ❯
Fall 2012 Recruitment notice
Published 8/25/2012 in TC@FOSU
We're hiring
This term, tc@fosu is opening 4 vacancies for those interested in joining the ranks of our staff team under the leadership of club president Phoenix Lee. Club locationTermTitleDescription# of vacanciestc@fosu (佛大)Fall 2012Club attendantThis position involves helping the club to organize member recruitment campaigns, host membership events, assist with club offerings and programs, and...read more ❯